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Trebic (Czech Republic) Vacation Travel Video Guide

02.09.2016 12:33

Travel video about destination Trebic in the Czech Republic.
Situated in the southwest of the Czech region of Mähren is Třebič, a small town located picturesquely on the banks of the River Iglawa where, in 1101 A.D., Benedictine monks founded a monastery on a hill around which there was a market that attracted many merchants. Directly adjacent to the monastery is a Renaissance castle which originated from the monastery during the fifteenth century. It was later given Baroque design and today it is a museum. Many Jews immigrated to the town and founded a Jewish quarter which to this day has been preserved and with its small streets, synagogues and more than a hundred and twenty buildings, has become a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A Jewish cemetery is located on a hill above the Jewish quarter. With approximately three thousand graves it is one of the largest in the Czech Republic and documents the former size of the Jewish community. Třebič is an historical cultural site and at the same time a poignant memorial of the past.





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