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Prague Vacation Travel Video Guide • Great Destinations

The capital of the Czech Republic is also called ‘the golden city’, the ‘mother of cities’, but its most fitting name is the ‘city of 100 spires’. In the old town there are the towers of the City Hall, the Tyn temple and the Magazine. The puppet play of its famous Astronomical clock is marvelled at by thousands every hour. The Jewish district is famous of its old cemetery and the Synagogue. The Charles Bridge with its 30 statues lead to the other side of the Vltava. The other part has plenty of very good restaurants. The green dome of the Saint Nicholas Church can be seen above the citizens houses. The Prague Castle is one of Europe’s most beautiful castle districts with gothic, renessaince and baroque palaces, with a royal palace, parks, temples. Whoever visits Prague, won’t forget the Wenceslas Square and the famous pubs the ‘U Kalycha’ and the ‘U Fleku’. While wandering on the medieval streets we understand why this place became the setting for the legends of Dalibor, Faust, Rabbi Löw and the Golem.


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Hrad Karlštejn (Czech Republic) Vacation Travel Video Guide

Travel video about destination Hrad Karlstejn in the Czech Republic.
Thirty kilometres southwest of Prague and surrounded by a dense forest landscape, is the monumental Gothic Karlštejn Fortress. It is the most famous castle in the Czech Republic and was built by Emperor Karl The Fourth for a single purpose: a secure place in which to store the crown jewels! The palace’s most important reception room is the Hall Of Ancestors next door to which there are paintings of both fictional and authentic ancestors of the Emperor. The higher-located St Mary's Tower was originally intended for the Empress but instead was used as a church and chapel. The Chapel Of St. Catherine was the emperor’s private chapel, a small, narrow room whose walls are covered with precious stones. On the second floor is the Chapel Of The Holy Cross, a unique room with splendid furnishings. It is also the world's largest portrait gallery of the Middle Ages as it contains the original panel paintings by Master Theodoric. The Karlštejn Fortress is the epitome of religious power and glory.


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Mikulov (Czech Republic) Vacation Travel Video Guide

Travel video about destination Mikulov in the Czech Republic.
South of Brno, on the Austrian border, the Czech town of Mikulov occupies a strategic location on the former trade route between Vienna and Brno. The ruling Liechtensteiner were conscious of the economic contribution made by the town’s Jewish population and so for three centuries Mikulov became the centre of the Moravian Jews. The synagogue and around ninety buildings have been preserved and have become splendid cultural monuments. An imposing Renaissance castle rises picturesquely above the town and this once royal castle guarded the country's border. In 1249, Přemysl Ottokar The Third assigned both town and castle to the Styrian family, Liechtenstein, in gratitude for their support. In 1560, the Liechtensteiners sold everything to Hungarian aristocrats and in 1575 Emperor Maximilian The Second passed the town as a fiefdom to the Dietrichsteiner. In the eighteenth century, three fires caused extensive damage but, situated between its vineyards, the Late Gothic appearance of this rebuilt town has managed to survive to the present day.


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Kroměříž (Czech Republic) Vacation Travel Video Guide

Travel video about destination Kromeriz in the Czech Republic.
The tranquil town of Kromĕříž in the southeast of today’s Czech Republic is a milestone of nineteenth century Habsburgian history. Kromĕříž Castle was the traditional summer residence of the bishops of Olomouc and became a key influence in the town’s cultural life. Typical statues and Baroque and Rococo figures adorn both the walls and niches of the arcades of the castle’s well-tended courtyard. An impressive staircase decorated with large figures leads to the second floor and the Picture Gallery which contains the Apollon And Marsyas by Tizian, one of the great masters of Venetian Renaissance. The Reichstag Hall is the castle’s largest room and is where the history of the nineteenth century comes to life. During the turmoil of the Bourgeois Revolution of 1848, Emperor Ferdinand The First fled from Vienna to Olomouc and the Austrian Reichstag met there and it was also where the first democratic constitution in Europe was discussed and the idea of "All State power emanates from the people!" Since 1998 the castle and its park and flower garden have been designated as a World Cultural Heritage Site. Kromĕříž Castle and gardens are among the most well preserved Baroque examples of a royal residence. Although architecturally in the Viennese style of the K & K monarchy they are notable as a fascinating symbol of democracy.





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